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Robert McNeill: Katie Price is right for Radio 4

A small furore has erupted at the news that celebrity-style personage Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has been invited to guest-edit an edition of BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Critics say it's the latest example of dumbing down and that the current affairs programme will not be very good.

But how do they know?

Jordan (pictured) might have well-hidden depths. She may even exert discipline on the show, telling the presenters to speak properly and stop arguing with their interviewees.

Since 2003, Today has |appointed five guest |editors, who provide ideas for a third to half of the faintly controversial morning show for a day each |between Christmas and New Year.

They're also expected to come on air and say significant things.

Previous guest editors have included P.D. James, Stephen Hawking and |Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. But what do they know, her with her crimes, him with his boring universe, and the archbish with his cruel god?

At least Jordan has a new fragrance out. It's called Precious Love, which “opens with the notes of Kaffir lime, dewy green leaves and drops of |watery musk”. Hmm, that sounds quite challenging.

The former glamour model herself has not yet decided whether to edit the show.

Yesterday, she put on a big pair of boots and said: “Wot?”

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