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Robert McNeill: Take it from me, we’ll hear a lot more about Prince William and Kate Middleton

News that Prince William of Britainshire is to marry Kate Middleton has enthralled the nation up to a point.

Royal sources said William was forced to pop the question before he got any balder but, whatever the cause, it means that next year there's going to be a proper hullabaloo in the mid-market press.

It wouldn't surprise me if there were now full page adverts for commemorative teapots.

Still, it’s easy to be churlish and to forget that we’re dealing with two human beings here, and not with an institution that divides the country into royalists and normal people.

I see here that the couple actually got engaged last month - I must have missed that memo - and my understanding is that this is usually the precursor to marriage.

Well, good luck to these two young persons. It’s my betting that we’re going to hear a lot more about them.

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