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Robert McNeill: Time to hit the off button on death games

A mother obsessed with a computer game neglected her three children and let her two dogs starve to death.

The bodies of the German shepherd and lurcher lay in the dining room for two months as she played Smallworld, which comes with the charming motto: “It's a world of slaughter.”

I just don't get this gaming thing at all. Once, I went into a games shop and couldn't find anything that wasn't about violence.

I've known parents passionately opposed to, for example, the glorious war in Iraq, who lallow their children to play these computer games all day and buy them toy weapons of mass destruction.

We live in a society supposedly wedded to the idea of peace, yet this stuff flourishes below our very beaks.

How can we expect the children to create a better world when we encourage them to play at slaughter? It doesn't make any sense. Now, anyone fancy a game of Ludo? No?

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