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Rory has more style than Harry

By Robert McNeill

Top tennis ball whacker Caroline Wozniacki has been ridiculed for comparing her man to that wee fella out of boyband One Direction.

Caroline's man is Co Down's very own golf champ Rory McIlroy, and the wee fella is Mr Harold Styles.

Harry is famous for having more hair on the right side of his head than the left.

Rory's cranium is better balanced, but I think Caroline has a point. Both lads are distinctly impish, and I feel sure they share some ancient ancestor.

Talking of ancient, Caroline made her quip in a tweet after watching the new One Direction film, This is Us.

How odd. She's 23 and Rory's 24. Not ancient, right enough. But you'd think they'd be past the teenybopper stage by now.

And you'd think she'd know better than to go noising up a million wee Harrymaniacs. She had to issue a statement denying there was anything wrong with her eyesight.

Caroline, a Dane, is currently number eight in the tennis world and, consequently, has 540,000 Twitter followers.

She should know, therefore, to watch what she says. And also what she wears. She and Rory – known collectively as Wozzilroy – were snapped wearing matching pink tops in Manhattan.

They've been trying to deny showbiz rumours of a split. But matching tops is protesting too much.

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