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Shut Stormont and let MLAs ring each other

By Robert McNeill

Oh, as it were, no. Now they're allowing MLAs to tweet during debates at Stormont. As if they weren't paying enough attention already.

Visit any parliament in the world - except maybe yon House of Loons in North Korea, where representatives always sit up straight - and you'll find some unlucky carrot on his feet ululating away to himself, while the rest sit about excavating their noses, wondering what's for tea, or reading The Star Trek Newsletter behind their agenda papers.

Now that they can tweet they'll pay even less attention. Nobody listens in parliaments. No one has ever been convinced by an opposing point of view.

But at least they should make a pretence at hearing each other out. This latest move encourages behaviour as rude as someone texting while you're trying to fondle them or tweeting while you describe the agony of haemorrhoids.

Decorum is departing our society and soon will have a headstone saying "LOL".


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