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Sissons turns up the heat on the BBC

By Robert McNeill

Controversially, I have no view on climate change. I'm told it involves the future of the planet but I'm far too busy for that sort of thing.

You take as you find. Climate campaigners strike me as being a tad nervous, while one can't help noticing that climate change deniers tend to be unhinged and SHOUTY.

Peter Sissons, the former newsreader, is touting his memoirs and claims the BBC is plagued by climate change orthodoxy (we're all doomed unless you switch off that light). Mind you, not unusually for old school newsreaders, he comes across as a bit of a right-wing nutter. One hesitates, however, to say he's further to the right than Genghis Khan who murdered 40m people. Even liberals might have supported regime change in the Democratic Dictatorship of Mongolia.

Funnily enough, green persons are now being told by scientists that Mr Khan was one of history's top environmentalists. And not just because he drove a yak.

It turns out he wiped out so many human settlements that cultivated land returned to forest, which absorbs carbon dioxide from yon atmosphere.

It's reckoned that Genghis's depradations removed 700m tons of carbon. Still, you wouldn't want to knock on his yurt and ask if he wanted to help save the whale too.


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