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Slash's hot advice on leather is just pants

By Robert McNeill

Important fashion advice from Slash. Who He? He am chap who played guitar with The Carpenters.

Slash says this: "All things considered, if you're going somewhere sunny, you don't want to be wearing black leather pants."

Clearly, he has indeed considered all things. Slash is well known for wearing leather trousers - he doesn't mean pants in the Marks and Sparks sense - which often look a tad uncomfortable. Don't they creak?

And he's correct, surely, to say they cannot be fun in humid climes. As an exhibitionist by trade, he opts for shorts instead. Still, it's encouraging to think, at a time when the role models for infants are frequently accused of being thoughtless, that Slash has sat down in his creaky trousers and worried this out.

Meanwhile, in another shock development in Celebrityland, Victoria Beckham has been criticised for looking grumpy at top tennis event, Wimblebore. Pictures showed her sitting in a highly posed fashion, yea, with her hand under her chin like yon sculpted thinker.

It certainly isn't easy being a celebrity. There's your trousers to think of, and what sort of expression you should have on your face.

Personally, as a non-entity, I don't give a damn about my trousers. And I'm pulling funny faces as I say that too.


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