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Sleuth Sarah is a fair(isle) cop to me ...

By Robert McNeill

Some people would kill for a Sarah Lund pullover. I wouldn't go that far, but I'm definitely a pullover person.

And, even if Sarah Lund - the detective played by Sofie Grabol in television's The Killing - is female, the pullover is bisexual, as it were, loving men and women alike. Sofie modelled her latest for the new series in Copenhagen this week, and it's a doozie: sort of blue with grey starry-snowflake things.

That was a man's attempt at fashion commentary. They'll sell for £226, which is £200 more than I'd normally pay for a pullover.

But I'll wait for the cheap imitations at Top Man. Only kidding. You gotta buy proper wool, but needn't pay more than £50 tops, preferably for something machine-knitted rather than one soiled with sinful human hands.

Wool is the boys. It's quintessentially northern, separating us from the louche Mediterranean, with its irritating sunshine, tomato-based cuisine, and slovenly style of walking. Sofie said of her first season pullover: "I felt it was so strong it was almost wearing me, rather than the opposite."

This was reminiscent of The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien, where cyclists turn into their bicycles and stand on one foot beside kerbstones.

I'd like to be a pullover: warm, loose, cosy and covered in starry-snowflake things.


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