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So, it wasn't really goodnight to John-Boy and the Walton family

By Robert McNeill

The Waltons have been in the news. Yes, that shocked you. "Waltons?" you say. "What Waltons? Not yon Waltons from yonder 1970s?" The very same, madam. The same Waltons that I still watch on DVD.

You may laugh. What's an anarchistic, atheistic, left-field, misanthropic cynic and all-round booby like me doing watching such wholesome, all-American stuff? Well, I love wholesome, all-American stuff, that's why. It ain't the worst ideal in the world, even if the people promoting it are often loonorific. But here be good story-telling, often about ethical dilemmas. Personally, I prefer a good, roister-doistering ethical dilemma to a car chase, though having an ethical dilemma during a car chase would be pretty thrilling.

For example: "Under the circumstances, with a raging murderer on my tail, should I have gone through that red light?" Hmm, interesting and, for me, riveting drama.

The Waltons, about a large, loving family getting by in rural Virginia during the Depression (all right, I ain't selling this well), are in the news because the cast had a reunion to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. Appropriately, they're all still friends. I read about this online and, at the end, was directed to another story: "Bieber pukes on stage." Bet it wasn't even wholesome puke.


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