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That was too close a shave for Superman

By Robert McNeill

I'm a big fan of Superman and of superheroes generally. These are our Greek gods: strong, fallible, full of doubt, basically humans-plus.

I've all 10 series on DVD of TV's Smallville, about Superman's youth, and am trying to persuade friends to sit and watch the whole lot again. No takers so far.

So, of course, I'd my seats booked early for the new Superman film, Man of Steel. Thumbs up from me. I'm really as big a fan of Superman's Earth Dad as of Superman, and Kevin Costner did well enough here.

That character is more fleshed out in Smallville, and his checked shirts are better.

But what of Superman himself, played by Jersey-born actor Henry Cavill? Jeez, these muscles! Were they for real? Apparently so.

But, boy, how much better did he look at the start of the film, with a beard? Facially, he looked a gimp without it, and I'm talking about before he opted for the mild-mannered Clark Kent look.

After the film, I said to a female friend: "How much better did he look with the beard, eh?"

"Did he have a beard?

"Of course, he had a beard. At the start. Didn't you watch the film?"

"Yes. But I wasn't looking at his face."

Women, eh?

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