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The racy model that has been the focus of my love for years

By Robert McNeill

Not surprised to see the Ford Focus Mk1 (1998-2005) voted the public's number one car over the past 25 years.

I first discovered the joys of a Focus on a working trip to Northern Ireland from Scotland in the late 1990s.

Collecting her at airport car-hire, I soon found myself zooming off into the night and feeling right comfy with it.

Years later, after dallying with a delightful MX5 (dubbed a 'hairdresser's sports car', for some reason, but still unrivalled in its cheap beauty) followed by a wee red van (totalled on an icy island road), I got my own FF.

And I've had her ever since, yea, even unto the rust on the doors. She's nearly 13 now.

She was the third Focus I'd test-driven. First two didn't do it for me, but this baby had turbo-diesel whizz-go oomph.

She doesn't have much else, mind.

Neither do I, so we're made for each other.

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