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They'll have to beam Captain Kirk up the next time he goes to Devon

By Robert McNeill

Shock news as Captain Kirk set his phaser to stun and fired on the good citizens of Ilfracombe, Devon.

Star Trek actor William Shatner (right) went into warped drive when he claimed the English town was "laced with prostitution", causing outbreaks of rioting in several areas of the volatile country.

The remark - made on the TV show Have I Got Some News For You? - was meant light-heartedly and, indeed, played on the unlikeliness of such a situation.

But local people everywhere are terribly sensitive, and Ilfracombe's former mayor Paul Crabb had a sideways dig at the Captain, telling crowds in a packed public square that, while Mr Shatner as Kirk may have gone where no man had gone before, he'd never been to Ilfracombe.

Which of us has? William duly apologised, and privately harked back to the days when he'd easier enemies to fight, such as the Klingons. They were a right bunch of slags.


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