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Thin men will just end up starved of love

By Robert McNeill

I can't see me suffering from manorexia, not while one pie remains unconsumed. But, increasingly, the eating disorder affects young males.

Across the United Kingdom, hospital admissions have trebled in a decade. Eating disorders are difficult for non-sufferers to digest. Recently, a friend told me young women would eat a cake then put their fingers down their throats to be sick.

I asked my friend to leave immediately, before I summoned a constable, and said never to darken my door again with such tall tales. Shortly afterwards, I learned the tales were true.

Young persons feel pressured to look skinny by media images of folk whose thinness serves merely as a coat-hanger for clothes. It's not a healthy or attractive way to look in reality-style life.

Thankfully, curves are bouncing back for women and - listen up, young men - you won't find many burdz wanting fun on a futon with a bag of bones.


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