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This holy yoga lark is just a load of hot air

By Robert McNeill

I regret to announce it's unlikely I'll be taking up holy yoga. I wish they'd just leave yoga alone. They're always adding something to it: yogathonics, running yoga, bricklaying yoga.

As you might imagine, I've done my fair share of yoga in the past, though never without the presence of a St John's Ambulance crew.

The best thing about it was always being the only man in the class. The worst was discovering how flatulent elderly ladies can be when touching their toes.

Holy yoga involves praying and reciting stuff from the Bibble while stretching out your arms and placing your bonce where nature did not intend it to go. In a surprise development for something bonkers, the practice began in yonder America and is spreading not very far.

However, leading nutters there say holy yoga is demonic and lets the devil into your heart.

Hmm, that's certainly a risk. Think I'll stick to yogadozing, then.


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