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Touching tale of feathered friends

By Robert McNeill

Aw. Weren't those pictures of a little coal tit trying to revive its dead relative heartbreaking?

Christine Cassidy found the corpse on the patio of her Derry home, then witnessed a male prodding it with its feet (right) and a female bringing it food.

Poor Periparus ater. But that's nature for you.

I've tried rescuing several birds in my time and, save one storm-exhausted swift, they all pegged out on me. Maybe the sausage rolls disagreed with them.

I've a lot of long-tailed tits in the garden and, apart from the odd funny look, they don't mind me at all. It's ever an inspiring marvel to me how, around the feeder, all the different species generally get along: blackbirds, doves, sparrows, tits, finches, dunnocks.

It's only the males within species that have a go at each other.

Just goes to show: taking the testosterone out of life might make the world a better place.

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