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Waiting for Cameron’s axe to fall is a real pain

By Robert McNeil

For Pete's sake, what are they going to do us? The Government keeps warning that we're going to suffer.

Oh yes. It's going to be awful. We'd better gird our sinews and summon up our loins.

It's going to hurt. There'll be cutting and slashing and, boy, are we going to feel the pain. But where? How? When? What are they going to do?

They won't tell us exactly. It's like a teaser for a horror movie. You're left guessing. Are they going to raid our pay packets? Infiltrate our bank accounts? Are they going to charge us to breathe? Are they coming round with buckets for donations, which we must give on pain of imprisonment?

Everybody's looking around. And everything's carrying on pretty much as normal in a rich society: beggars, charity shops, drunks. When are they going to put us into our misery?

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