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Walk while you work ... I can't see this idea going very far

By Robert McNeill

Folk sometimes say about work: "Back to the treadmill." Well, soon, that could be literally true.

Treadmill desks are the latest torture devised by those who see sitting down as the posture of Satan. Experts say a so-called sedentary lifestyle makes us prone to various diseases, from diabetes to syphilis. They want us on our feet, even at risk of varicose veins and dizziness.

Computery people Google and Microsoft, and hoteliers Hyatt and Marriot, have already inflicted treadmill desks on their slaves, though you can opt to use them for short periods, rather than being chained to them all day.

There are spin-offs. You burn 100 calories for every mile you walk – allegedly – so could lose weight in the course of working.

Leading worriers say we've adapted our bodies to computers rather than computers to our bodies. Maybe.

But sitting is a fundamental human right, and I will not stand for this assault on our freedoms.

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