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What a stout fellow the heir to the throne really is

By Robert McNeill

Many people believe the Royal Family belongs behind bars, so it was sporting of Prince Charles to blunder into one.

The Wellington Vaults in Toxteth, Liverpool, is an unprepossessing place, but Charlie didn't care. The visit was unscheduled. His Highness was wondering what to do with himself after opening a nearby community centre, when common persons in the boozer shouted: "Charlie, come over here for a pint!"

To "the amazement of his minders", according to breathless press reports, the prince minced over and ordered a half-pint of stout. To you and I that might seem a tad effete.

But, when you consider his favourite tipple is cherry brandy, you can see he was making concessions. One woman said: "This has been the most exciting day of my life since having my baby."

This is how the Royal Family brings pleasure to the lieges. Once more, Charles has proven that, despite his peculiar suits, he is truly the People's Prince.


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