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Which one of these women do you think is Katie Price?

By Robert McNeill

Where do you stand on Katie Price? Oh, I see: there. Well, yes, I imagine that would be rather bouncy. But, no, I mean intellectually.

I rather like her which, since I'm also a huge fan of her comedic nemesis Frankie Boyle, is like saying my favourite footer team is Celtic, but my second favourite is Rangers.

However, that said, I haven't come here today to lecture you about Katie Price. I have come to talk about Kerry Marshall, a six-foot, 13-stone man-turned-woman who fooled bank cashiers into believing she was the aforementioned Katie (5ft 5in, 8 stone, stunningly upholstered).

How was this possible? Cashiers at HSBC in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, handed Ms Marshall £1,000 from an account in the name of Miss Price's son. A few days later, they gave her another £1,500.

Marshall was obsessed with the former glamour model turned newspaper columnist (my god, she's following the same career trajectory as me!), and even tried changing her name to Katie Price. But she looks as much like her as I resemble Matt Lucas.

Marshall was eventually caught by astute cashiers in Nottingham, and is now serving a two-year community order. But it makes you wonder why banks in Lincolnshire are so keen to throw away money - at any Price.


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