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Why Davies' face doesn't needle me

By Robert McNeill

My attitude is this: if you want to fiddle with your face, fire away. Sharron Davies is the latest public entity to be accused - accused, mark you - of filling up with Botox.

The former Olympic swimmer has been commentating about matters aquatic during yonder Games in London, or wherever they are.

Citizens are concerned about her wrinkle-free face, though she's only 49, so a visage like a prune surely isn't a given.

Persons have tweeted rudely. One said: "Sharron Davies gets a new face for every Olympics." Another said: "Her heart's in the right place, even if her cheek bones aren't."

However, others have swum through the tide of bile to her defence, branding a Daily Mail article "disgusting" and "nasty". Aren't these words on either side of the Mail's masthead?

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with the lassie. That said, I haven't seen her ululating live and am only going by still pictures.

The key, I'm told, lies in the lack of facial expression. But isn't that also the mark of a "cool" person? They never smile or show emotion.

I'm not cool myself, and my face is always jumping about. Maybe I should waddle down to Boots for some of yon Botox. Do you just lather it on or stick it up your nose?


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