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Why Glynis is still arresting sight

By Robert McNeill

You may remember a TV show called Dempsey and Makepeace. I don't recall it myself as, generally speaking, I'm far too busy for that sort of thing.

However, I was intrigued to read about how well one of the stars was wearing. Glynis Barber played Lady Harriet Makepeace, a police sergeant (it says here). She's now 57 and looks right good.

Two aspects of this story intrigued me. Firstly, she attributed her continuing youthful looks to yoga. Secondly, her son thought her a "hippy quack".

I started a new yoga class recently. I've done it before, but usually have been the only male, which made me feel conspicuous.

Well, there are four at this one, and all fine, strapping fellows. No, madam, I don't mean fat. So I might stick it out, at least until I can touch my knees with my fingers.

But for Glynis to be called a hippy quack! She says of her 20-year-old son: "To him, being a hippy is the lowest of the low and, because I've subjected him to what he calls 'quackery' for his entire childhood, all he wants now is processed sausage rolls, pizzas, Coke and sweets."

It's understandable, I suppose. We all rebel against our parents. But hippies the lowest of the low? Hippies are higher beings, son.

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