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Why I can't find forgiveness for all those online adverts

By Robert McNeill

Am I the only person in the world annoyed by all those adverts we have to suffer before watching short, online videos?

These ads are often grossly inappropriate, and one I saw this week really took the Hobnob and licked off all the chocolate.

The film, accompanying a newspaper story, was of the horrific moment a woman in Texas killed a complete stranger at a gas station after an argument.

All right, maybe I shouldn't have been watching such a thing. But even prudes can be prurient. However, my slightly suspect rubber-necking was made worse by having to watch first a trailer for a thriller movie called Only God Forgives. Honestly. David Cameron, PM of this parish, is rightly threatening action against online porn. But it's about time other aspects of the internet conformed to some sort of code too.

Come on, my fellow radicals. What do we want? More regulation! When do we want it? Now!

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