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Why it must be really grand to be a top footballer

By Robert McNeil

I wish I'd stuck in at football. I might be richer than I am today.

Speaking about how out of touch top players have become, a fan told the Sunday Times of a footballer who put his car into his mate's garage to have the embossed leather upholstery repaired. During an inventory, the mechanic found £9,000 in the glove compartment.

He phoned the player and asked if he remembered leaving anything in the vehicle. “No,” said the player, “not anything in particular.”

Told about the nine grand, the player expressed little shock, but praised the mechanic for his honesty. Nine grand! I've never held nine grand in my life.

I'm one of those people who prefers to take a tenner out of the autobank, then go back three times the same day.

Moral conundrum: should the mechanic have returned the money or sent it to a charity?

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