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Why it’s not Wright to pick on Ben’s fingernails

By Robert McNeil

Fair enough, I've a face made for radio. I've been on telly several times, and have always been rubbish. Actually, I'm rubbish on radio too. No show ever invites me back a second time.

My first time on telly came when I worked for my local paper. The bloke shone a dazzling light into my eyes and held his camera over me (seated), so that I appeared on the six o’clock local news, blinking up like a mole that had just broken the surface.

I suffer from rosacea, which makes my face all red and bothered, and I'm horribly shy, which means I keep mumbling apologetically rather than holding forth like a Shakespearean actor.

So, telly's best avoided, particularly in these days of massive, pin-sharp screens that highlight every blemish. And I'm more blemish than face really. Pity, then, poor Ben Wright out of that Antiques Roadshow, whose dirty fingernails have caused a furore. His digits are often seen in close-up as he fondles a pearly pendant watch, and complaints have been received about the alleged muck under his nails.

One citizen fumed: “Yuck, there is no excuse for that.” Another ululated: “Don't they or their producers realise how disgusting it looks?” Actually, Ben's nails don't look dirty at all. The skin around them just looks pitted and discoloured, possibly from wood-staining or playing a guitar with old, sharp strings.

I'm clutching with my own immaculate fingers at straws here. Still, at least his face isn't all red and blinking. And he's speaking clearly.

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