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Why Liam won't put his kids on stage

By Robert McNeill

Odd business acting. Not so many centuries ago, it was a scandalous profession, sharing roughly the same status as prostitution. Today, actors are our gods, a pantheon of thespians to whom we look for guidance.

But would you put your son or daughter on the stage? Perhaps. Think of the money. But, if they became famous, their lives would no longer be their own. They couldn't enjoy the finer things, such as supermarket shopping, without the intrusive lens being shoved into their coupons.

For it's film actors that we mean here. The "stage" as such - the boards, laddie, the boards - is another matter altogether. While artistically valid, it lacks the glamour of film.

To be a film star: imagine! You'd have to want to be the centre of attention, right enough, so it's not for me. I was born into the background. I see a spotlight and flee, so the actor's life is not for me.

Ballymena man and Hollywood star - in that order - Liam Neeson hopes his sons will decide it's not for them either.

He says too much is expected of actors. Eh? We're only asking them to be gods. You can see his point though. There's a lot be said for living a normal life. Even if it leaves you less than rich.


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