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Why size does matter after all

By Robert McNeill

My telly's bigger than yours. Seriously, I bought a massive one. Why not? I watch loads of films, footer and DVD boxed sets. And you know what? I love it. I don't care if the telly is disproportionate to the room. Indeed, what I have now is a telly with a little house attached to it.

However, already the first signs of dissatisfaction are setting in. I don't necessarily want a bigger one - though I wouldn't say no, even if the neighbours would have to move to make room for it. But I might want a better one.

I disregarded 3-D as I don't want to end up cross-eyed and sticking my finger in my mouth when trying to pick my nose. But soon all the new tellies are going to have the internut on them. Och, but d'you know what? Sod the internut. I watch telly to get away from the computer screen.


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