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Why this is really taking Madonna’s song too far

By Robert McNeil

That it has come to this. Before I tell you what this is and what it has come to, let me say something controversial: we live in a materialistic world. You say: “We knew that. It’s in Madonna.”

I have not read the works of Madonna but I take your point. The thought is not new.

But I will tell you what is new. This: some folk are charging their elderly parents’ money to do errands for them, such as collecting their pensions.

All together now: “You have got to be effing joking!” Nope. And there’s no need to swear. It seems the going rate is a tenner. One drug-addled amoralist charged her maw £20 for getting £1 worth of shopping.

Increasingly, I believe that, when citizens reach retirement age, they should band together in big houses and keep the rest of the world — barring nurses and purveyors of essential millinery — at bay.

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