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Why we don't say cheers to snap-happy MLAs

By Robert McNeill

More mad figures with zeros attached have emerged from the hallowed halls of quasi-government.

Yup, at Stormont, they've been spending ten grand a week on booze.

That's an awful big round. Maybe somebody had crisps too.

More discombobulating for the lieges was news that the Executive plans to spend £400,000 on photography this year.

All together now, like wolves howling at the Moon: how-ow-ow-w? How can you spend four hundred grand on photies?

One leading complainer ululated: "The next time members of the public see a minister beaming out of the paper at them, they will no doubt remember that they paid handsomely for the privilege."

Handsomely indeed and, since handsome is as handsome does, why don't they kill two birds with one stone and just take pictures of MLAs having a drink? These would surely be popular with Bel Tel readers, and the best could feature in an annual calendar.


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