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Why we're all going to have to stand up for the right to sit down

By Robert McNeill

You wait ages for a study telling you not to sit down, then three turn up at once.

Can't they leave us alone? We don't know whether we're coming or going. Still, as long as we're doing one or the other: anything but remaining seated.

The latest study - of 220,000 people in Australia - says too much sitting causes premature death. One newspaper published an absurd generic picture of a smiling family walking along the beach, with the caption: "Staying upright can prolong your life." Honestly, this is worse than North Korea.

It's just another example of them - you know who I mean - claiming that ordinary stuff will kill you: "My God, man, you're eating a bacon sandwich! Are you suicidal or what?"

Examine pictures of street scenes in the old days. There are always people loafing. Sometimes, they stood up. But that was as far as it went. Mind you, they're all dead now.


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