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Will cheeky monkeys make city go nuts?

By Robert McNeill

I do hope scuffles don't erupt at this year's switching on of the Belfast Christmas lights.

Although fighting is traditional in the festive season, notably within families, it's coming to something when Postman Pat has to be cancelled as a crowd-control measure.

You'll recall that's what happened last year.

This year, a team of musical primates has been booked for the event. ZingZillas are The Beatles of the CBeebies world and, while their audience is largely restricted to little people below the age of six, you'll know how vicious some infants can be.

Gavin Robinson, the Lord Mayor of Belfast, tried to keep a tremor from his voice when he claimed he was looking forward to welcoming Zac the gorilla, Pansee the chimp, Tang the orangutan and Drum the golden marmoset to the city.

But I'm sure he has asked for his personal security to be stepped up, in view of the impending threat.


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