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Women drive us round bend ... but never into a parking space

Robert McNeill

Reverse parking ain't easy. You have to go backwards and use the special mirrors fitted to all cars that give an inaccurate picture of your position.

Traditionally, reverse parking is regarded as particularly problematic for females.

But this is unfair. All aspects of driving are problematic for females.

Splutter all you like. It's an observable truth, and no amount of political correctness can camouflage it.

Regularly, as a passenger in a female driver's car, I cringe and turn to the driver behind, mouthing "Sorry".

True, there are bad male drivers, but these are usually cap wearers: yobs or the elderly.

Despite my lack of millinery, I'm rubbish at reverse-parking too. However, I give it two attempts max. One woman in Belfast persisted for 30 minutes on Fitzroy Avenue.

Alas, some students filmed her, and the footage has had over a million hits on YouTube.

Indeed, there's an increasing number of such videos.

The evidence is irrefutable, gals.

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