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Would the ladies like date with this Kevin?

By Robert McNeill

There are millions of respectable and admirable Kevins in the world and, while I cannot think of one at this precise moment in time, I'm sure that if you examine your household or community you may well find a reputable Kevin on the strength.

A fine and noble Kevin. A manly Kevin. A brainy Kevin, with all the answers, some of them correct.

So what is women's problem with the name? Well, according to new research by psychologists at the Humboldt University in Berlin, it carries negative connotations and even indicates trouble. I must say no Kevin I have known merits such opprobrium. It's also suggested the name is a little "lower class". As someone frequently referred to as "Rab", I fear I'm somewhat over-qualified to comment on that.

The research involved dating websites and is based on the fact that few ladies wished to click on or with Kevin.

Same with Justin, which I would agree is dodgy, if only for its Bieberesque qualities. Among citizens of the female persuasion, the least attractive names were Mandy, Chantal and Celine.

Folk suffering such nomenclature need not despair. You cannot judge a book by its cover, except perhaps Vampire Blenkinsop and the Farting Robots. I think you want to give that a miss.


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