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Yes, that's what I call a very Nazi bunch

By Robert McNeill

Even historical revisionists cannot deny the Nazis were a bad set. And, while this is arguably 2011, new reports emerged this week of the extent of their fiendishness.

Get this: they tried to poison the chocolate and coffee of Allied soldiers occupying their controversial country - Germany - after the Second World War.

British intelligence were so worried that Lord Rothschild, head of MI5's gourmet section, had a chocolate bar and tin of Nescafe seized from German forces. Well, that was his excuse.

The goodies were then tested on a monkey but the files released this week don't reveal the result. With luck, it was one very happy monkey. Other fiendish Nazi plots included: cigarettes that gave you a headache; poisonous powders put on door knobs; pellets that exploded in ashtrays, giving innocent citizens a nasty shock.

Say what you like, it remains my view the Nazis were a thoroughly disreputable lot.


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