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You'd have to mind your ps and qs in these pods

By Robert McNeill

I regret to announce I will not be buying a pod-house.

I need space, see?

Besides, I've served my time in tiny bedsits and now need at least a large semi-detached domicile in which to accommodate all my possessions and other bits of paper.

But pod-houses might serve young persons, desperate - for reasons of overly early avarice and ambition - to get a greasy foothold on the property ladder.

The Never Monday project at Montgomery Street in Belfast city centre comprises 48 teeny apartments (above) starting from just under 80,000 of your Earth pounds.

Each pod has a living room, kitchen and bedroom, and residents also have access to a shared coffee shop, laundry, gym and rooftop garden.

Actually, that sounds rather good. Recently, I concluded my own living arrangements were like a one-man monastery.

Even to have other monks silently stoating about the premises would be something.

But these young fellows will be able to give each other"Are you lookin' at me?" glances in the gym and hide their British Home Stores underpants in their sheets when hanging out down at the laundry.

All it needs is a bar and you could call it Shangri-lager.

All the same: to live in pods.

Are we not men?

Are we peas?


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