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You've got the wrong villains, Mr Bond

By Robert McNeill

I hate to disagree with James Bond, but feel he's wrong to lambaste politicians.

When I say Bond, J, I'm referring to the actor who plays him. For your consideration: one Daniel Craig.

A good Bond in my opinion, but a poor philosopher. For politicians are the best of us.

People who line their own pockets? Lazy sods who wouldn't lift a finger to help anyone else?

I presume that's the electorate you're talking about.

You know, the ones who only have to get off their butts every four years to vote but can't, by and large, be bothered.

Politicians I have known, in many parties, are generally hard-working and motivated by a desire to improve things.

Voters I've encountered are generally clueless, trotting out headlines they noticed on the front page of a tabloid.

Daniel's charge is that politicians are "s***heads" who "stab you in the f***ing back".

I cannot accept that our statesmen have ordure on their crania, nor that they await any opportunity to decorate your good side with cutlery.

Neither can I comment on Mr Craig's recent assertion that the Kardashians are "f***ing idiots", as I do not watch Star Trek.

Assuming the Kardashians are like Klingons, they may be evil, but they're not idiots, fornicating or otherwise.


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