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Lyra McKee

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Lyra's legacy is love, Saoradh's is hate 

Saoradh are getting into the festive spirit. Towards the end of a year in which the New IRA, which they unconvincingly claim they're not linked to, came to public attention because, in April, they murdered my friend, Lyra McKee, a gifted, lovable young journalist, this blood-thirsty group of losers have put up a festive message in the window of their HQ, Junior McDaid House in Chamberlain Street, Londonderry, which they share with the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association.

Brian Kennaway

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Three inspiring Orangemen who fought the good fight for their Christian faith and for fairness 

I feel keenly the loss of three fine Orangemen. Michael Phelan and Brian Kennaway, who both became close friends, and Ian Wilson, with whom I had a very warm acquaintanceship. They were inspirational and towering figures respectively in England, Ireland and Scotland, and all people of deep faith who fought for the upholding of the best principles of Orangeism: Christianity, religious tolerance and civil rights for all.

Maria Steen wrote an article in the Irish Times criticising liberals

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Why it's time for liberals to stop criticising anyone who holds different views to them 

I was surprised on Saturday that the profoundly intolerant Irish Times had published an article by Maria Steen with the headline: "Liberals fail to practise what they preach about tolerance." This was a few days after I had heard in Carlingford at the excellent Thomas D'Arcy McGill Summer School that the Irish Times had spiked an interview with Ray Bassett, a former senior Irish ambassador, because he's pro-Brexit.

Campaigner Trevor Ringland

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Shared future a long way off if republicans refer to a great man of peace as 'the likes of you' 

Trevor Ringland wrote on Saturday: "Just after the last Northern Ireland assembly elections I challenged a senior Sinn Fein figure. I said 'you have pressed the hate button during that election campaign and it's going to be very hard to put this back in its box'. His response was: 'I'll not take lectures from the likes of you.' I went back to my wife and I said: 'No matter what I say, there's no space in their Ireland for me.'"

IRA murder victim Jean McConville with her family

Ruth Dudley Edwards: They abducted, tortured and shot dead Jean McConville, but she hasn't gone away, you know 

One of my abiding hopes, and I am an optimist, is that Nemesis will yet catch up with Gerry Adams, that poster boy for Teflon. Last week my spirits lifted at the news that two of the producers of American Crime Story - a true crime series that has already successfully screened The People v OJ Simpson and The Assassination Of Gianni Versace - have taken out an option on Patrick Radden Keefe's book Say Nothing: A True Story Of Murder And Memory In Northern Ireland, about what happened to widowed mother-of-10 Jean McConville in 1972.


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