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After release of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams it's easy to forget the real victim was Jean McConville

By Samuel Morrison

When the DUP entered government with Sinn Fein they claimed they only did so because republicans were fully signed up to the rule of law.

Events of the last few days have proved how conditional Sinn Fein support for the PSNI is with Martin McGuinness suggesting that republicans would cease to support the PSNI if they dared to charge Gerry Adams.

Sinn Fein “support” for the rule of law has been exposed as highly conditional. They will only support it as long as the law doesn’t dare to go after republicans.

The contempt of the movement for the real victims in all this – the McConville family – was exposed when they held a protest against Adams’s arrest just a few hundred yards from where Mrs McConville  was abducted.

McGuinness has never withdrawn his remarks and yet Peter Robinson attempted to use the line that his party would have moved to exclude Sinn Fein if they hadn’t “corrected” their position on policing.

Leaving aside the fact that Sinn Fein have never “corrected” anything they said about the Adams affair, Peter Robinson’s comments sound exceedingly hollow.

Remember this was the man who told us he would resign unless the on-the-run letters were called in, the names of the recipients were published and he got a full judicial inquiry into the matter.

Among all the propaganda from Sinn Fein, it’s easy to forget that the real victim here was not Adams, but Jean McConville – a mother whose family are still waiting for justice 42 years after she was abducted and murdered.

Incidentally, did you notice how all Sinn Fein representatives, including McGuinness, were careful not to use the word murder when talking about the McConville case?

The McConville case has reminded us that Sinn Fein are not supportive of the PSNI because they are converts to the rule of law but rather they are purely tactically supporting the PSNI as long as doing so serves their purposes.

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