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Ukip posters: It's strange that while people are losing jobs others try to shout 'racist' at new posters


The man pictured begging on the street was named as Dave O’Rourke from Dublin

The man pictured begging on the street was named as Dave O’Rourke from Dublin

The man pictured begging on the street was named as Dave O’Rourke from Dublin

It seems quite strange to me that while ordinary people are losing their jobs and taking a cut in real wages the cosseted cosmopolitan commentariat try to shout 'racist' at the new Ukip posters.

There is no reference to race at all in the posters (indeed we are all one human race anyway) but the posters do bring us face to face with a stark reality that many people face every day.

Job displacement and wage suppression are serious issues which the Stormont cosy-coalition and their establishment friends in the Lib-Lab-Con's wish to pass over in silence but UKIP won’t let them. Nor will we allow basic facts to be shouted down.

A report in 2012 by the independent Migration Advisory Committee, which was established by the last Labour government and is run by the respected economist Sir David Metcalf, found that for every 100 extra foreign-born working-age migrants in the UK, there was a reduction of 23 in the number of UK citizens in employment.

The report added that, between 2005 and 2010, 160,000 people in the UK had been 'displaced', or left jobless, by the influx of foreign workers.

In addition, a report by GMB union found that there has been a 14% fall In real value of average earnings since 2008.

Due to unrestricted immigration from the EU many people in Northern Ireland are vulnerable to losing their jobs and now struggle to pay their bills.

UKIP will not allow their concerns to be hushed up or ignored by Europhile politicians. During the the May 22 European election, the people will have their say on the EU and UKIP is the answer. EU memberships means we will lose power, money and freedom.

UKIP wants good community relations in Northern Ireland, UKIP believes that the ordinary people of Northern Ireland both Protestant and Catholic and those of other religions or no religion who built the UK and its institutions like the NHS and education over many generations are the people who should get priority to those services, that's not being racist at all, its what's known as fairness and doing the right thing.

It is not racist to put the people who have paid into the system first. UKIP respects all the people within our community but it is the people of Northern Ireland, England, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales who have made the British Isles a special place to live in and now the rest of the world wants to live here also. we have to look after the people who built what we have first.

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