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DVA bigots? – we think not! 

By Will Chambre

So the truth is out, the reality revealed – the rest of the UK thinks we’re a bunch of bigots... 

In a consultation on the future of Driver and Vehicle Agency jobs in Coleraine, the GB-based DVLA has claimed that moving these posts to Swansea would avoid any religious bias that may happen as a result of Northern Ireland staff providing services to other Norn Iron people.

As an astounding piece of ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease this has few equals; a crude attempt at making any justification possible to make a decision go your way.

It has, however, had one effect – our politicians have crossed party boundaries to reject this ludicrous suggestion. Bigoted? Us? No!

We provide good services to everyone impartially! We also enjoy recreational rioting in summer months; bitter stand-offs over parades; endless arguments over flags and symbols; and we frequently like to throw stuff at police officers.

That doesn’t mean we’re bigots...

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