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It's a great wee place...Norn Iron is on the up


Norn Iron is on the up, from a feel good factor experienced by the thousands of police officers from across the UK enjoying our fine weather through to an anticipated 300,000 people descending on Derry-Londonderry for Fleadh in August.

This great wee place hosted a G8 Summit that was notable not for its lack of a solution to the Syrian crisis, but rather for the absence of petrol bomb wielding protesters.

Add into that the global exposure of a huffing Putin, an eloquent Obama and Cameron plunging into the waters of Lough Erne...

Following on from prime minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Titanic Belfast, there was also the announcement that Japanese company Terumo BCT was to create 416 new jobs at its medical device factory in Larne. Parts of the east Antrim town, like  New Wave punk band The Vapours, may have to think about ‘Turning Japanese’…

The Orange Order is even playing its part in Derry’s city of culture programme by holding a major part of its Twelfth of July celebrations in the city with senior figures in the ‘Order’ from across the UK attending.

With Gillian Anderson (she of X-Files fame) starring in our very own home grown crime drama, The Fall, Game of Thrones set to a return for Season Four, and a new Dracula movie to be filmed here, all seems well.

Such is the positive mood that assistant chief constable Alastair Finlay was moved to say there wasn’t “any reason why we will have a difficult marching season".

Which is all fair comment.

But then the numpties, head cases, bampots and their associates from all sides of the so-called divide are often determined to make a fuss; some of that fuss usually ends up in upset and sporadic civil disorder (that’s rioting to you and me).

This means it is imperative for our political leaders to be circumspect and considered when opening their traps claiming this, that and the other.

And, our media should impose a broadcast and print ban on politicians and their ilk during the ‘marching season’.

Drastic? Well we might at least get some relief from the blame game, ACC Finlay might get his wish for avoiding a ‘difficult’ marching season and we will all remember that this really is ‘a great wee place’. 

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