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Nelson McCausland: Should he stay or should he go?

BY Will Chambré

In the immortal words of the late Joe Strummer, songwriter and lyricist of punk band The Clash: "If I stay there will be trouble; if I go it will be double".

Thus minister for social development, Nelson McCausland, is faced with calls for him to step down as minister with responsibility for the debacle that is the mess mixed up with the chaos that is the current state of the housing executive.


Mr McCausland is as trenchant as ever in media interviews and statements, defending his actions and those of an alleged phone call from his office, which may or may not have asked a local councillor to stay quiet for the sake of party unity.


These allegations place the voluble Mr McCaulsand in the position of staying put in office or stepping aside, while an Assembly committee  inquiry is on-going.


Either way, the minister has performed well and provided an effective deflector shield for his party in this crisis, taking on all comers with head lowered, and his metaphorical fists ready. Whether other members of the DUP, could, or should, face the level of vitriol being directed at him is debatable at best.


And, to paraphrase Mr Strummer, if Mr McCausland goes it will be double trouble for the DUP…

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