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Peter and Martin, G8 party rockers in the House tonight

By Will Chambre

First Minister and deputy First Minister, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness, are sure to be in buoyant mood today, not only rubbing shoulders with the G8 leaders but thinking about how to spend the lovely dosh that Prime Minister David Cameron is set to hand over as part of an economic package announced on Friday.

“Yeah! We got rich” will be the general thought as they run through the options.

First they could have a really big party and invite the G8 folks back for another wee do. And you’d have to make sure you had a movie to watch – can we talk HBO into making a Game of Thrones spin-off here...

Then there is the question about what to eat at the party: throw some of that new dosh at the farmers so they can get fresh produce on the barbecue.

You would also want to make sure that everyone can get to the party – hope they can get the roads built in time.

And lastly where to host it...wait a minute we already have a big house up on the hill.

Sadly the party will never take place – so instead we will hear the word “infrastructure” – which is after all a good way to get the construction sector reaching for its shovels and revving up its diggers...

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