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Kerri McLean

You keep your Royal family drama, I'm sticking with my Star Wars escapism

Kerry McLean

Many moons ago, when I was a wee young thing at school, around 14 or 15, my friends and I spent most of our lunchbreaks in our form room. I say room, but it was actually one of those wooden huts that lots of schools use to cope with having large numbers of pupils but little money to expand.

I don't know if today's huts are better than they were then, but I really hope so. We spent hours in that space, in ferocious heat in the summer, as the sunlight poured in through the windows, making it almost impossible not to fall asleep during lessons, and frozen in the winter as the thin walls proved no match for the cold climate.

One particularly chilly afternoon sticks in my mind when we were, as usual, huddled up together like a bunch of kittens, snuggled against the only heat source in the room, a wheezing blow heater. We were talking about anything and everything, as you do at that age, and the subject of the best Star Wars film came up. Nowadays there's a never-ending list of prequels and sequels, spin-offs and animated versions to choose from, but in my day we just had the three films to select from.