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Bloodlands viewers left shocked by twist in tale

Gillian Halliday


James Nesbitt in Bloodlands

James Nesbitt in Bloodlands

BBC / HTM Televison /Steffan Hil

James Nesbitt in Bloodlands

To borrow a catchphrase from another Jed Mercurio crime character, Line Of Duty's Superintendent Ted Hastings. "Mother of God" could be the only appropriate reaction to the shocking closing moments of Bloodlands episode two.

There was poor, long-suffering Adam Corry (played by Derry Girls' Ian McElhinney), having only seen for the first time the shallow grave where his brother - one of Goliath's victims - has lain undiscovered with the remains of two other people for decades, when he is promptly shot by James Nesbitt's detective Tom Brannick.

It's not surprising Twitter lit up with stunned reactions from viewers. Is Brannick Goliath? Why did the supposed good copper murder Adam? So many questions, but alas don't expect any resolution until the finale.

The second episode appeared to quell some of the criticism viewers had to the series' opener, and that's largely down to the aforementioned jaw-dropping classic Mercurio twist.

Right up until that point, however, there were moments where it was clearly evident realism had been dispensed with to serve the plot.

Would a medical student really talk in such emotional terms to their new uni lecturer about the loss of their mum, like Brannick's daughter did to Lisa Dwan's Dr Tori Matthews? And then invite her to a rugby match with her dad? No, of course not, but the plotline demands it, as the doctor is later revealed to be the daughter of one of Goliath's victims.

Bloodlands must now prove it can deliver good drama without relying on shocking twists.

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