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Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Arlene Foster during an interview with the Belfast Telegraph at Stormont Castle on October 27th 2016, Northern Ireland (Photo by Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph)

It's time for Boris Johnson to deliver the unfettered access to GB he promised

Arlene Foster


Michael Gove

Michael Gove


Michael Gove

This Prime Minister promised unfettered access and now must deliver. The societal and economic interruption caused directly by the protocol cannot be ignored.  

We welcome the recognition from Michael Gove in Parliament that these are not "teething problems" and that more action is needed. We also note the Prime Minister's commitment in the House of Commons on Wednesday to use all means at his disposal, including Article 16, but we now need action to back that up, particularly given the harm the protocol is doing to our access to the internal market of the UK.

The Northern Ireland Protocol has ruptured the United Kingdom internal market in order to give armour-plated protection to the single market of the European Union. But it doesn't make sense.

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