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Thought for the weekend

Rev Gareth Burke


Cows on a farm (David Cheskin/PA)

Cows on a farm (David Cheskin/PA)

PA Archive/PA Images

Cows on a farm (David Cheskin/PA)

I have to confess to being a "townie". I had a lot of exposure to the farming community in times past when, as a child, we regularly stayed with my granny on the family farm in Fermanagh.

However, I'm definitely not an expert in matters agricultural. As such, in fear and trepidation, I'm venturing into a discussion on the eating habits of cows. It appears that a cow has four stomachs.

It seems also that when a cow eats grass it's quite a complex process. The "chewing of the cud" means that a cow chews grass and then lets the chewed grass slip down into its stomach. Later on it retrieves the chewed grass from its stomach and begins to chew it all over again.

Now, you might be saying, "Why are you sharing with us all these details about the intestines of a cow?" Well, in Psalm 1 we are told by the psalmist that the godly man's "delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night". (Psalm 1:2)

To meditate on God's law means that we are pondering it and thinking over it. You could say that it's like "chewing the cud". If we are Christians we should go out into the day with a verse of Scripture on our minds. As we go through the day we need to bring it back into our minds and consider its meaning and how we can apply it to our lives.

We need to learn the art of "chewing over Scripture" so that we will become strong in the Word and, as such, more effective in our Christian lives.

So there's the challenge for today. Are you a Christian? Do you have a living, personal faith in Jesus Christ?

If "yes" is your answer to these questions then you need to be like the man in Psalm 1. Read the Bible in the morning.

Take a passage or a verse with you into the day. You might need to note it down on your phone or set it up somewhere on a "post-it". Whenever you have a few quieter moments take out your verse and chew it over. By so doing you'll become stronger in faith and more and more like Jesus. Yes, the cows have something to teach us.

They chew grass. We can chew Scripture.

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