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Kerri McLean

Why I have had to ring the changes in order to get a good night's sleep again

Kerry McLean


Ihave been trying to go cold turkey over the last week and break a bad habit that I've developed. It's a habit that began years ago, crept up on me gradually and has grown until it has taken over my evenings and I'm guessing it's one that many of you have too. It's an obsession with browsing on my mobile phone.

While I know in terms of habits it's far from the worst, I've come to realise how negative a compulsion it can be and how it's robbing me of both time with others and attention to other, previously favourite hobbies.

This realisation dawned on me when my husband asked me how I was getting on with reading the books that he had bought me for Christmas and I suddenly realised that I hadn't read so much as one page.