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Callous con will hopefully act as a lesson for others 

In what must be the cruellest of confidence tricks, a Northern Ireland woman has been scammed out of £300,000 by a man playing on her emotions. The lady believed that her three year involvement with the man was a developing romance and was happy to send him money, allegedly to educate his children in England and also to invest overseas. People may wonder how the lady was so gullible, and undoubtedly so does she, but who can say what they would do when affairs of the heart are involved?

Statistics show that there were 3,306 arrests here on drug-related charges in the year ended March 31 last (stock image)

Editor's Viewpoint: Increasing scourge of drugs on streets of Belfast not only damaging for the addicts, but also for our city's reputation 

A couple suspected of being under the influence of drugs sit unconscious in a Belfast city centre building society while their child lies unheeded in its pram. Not far away, at a fast food outlet, a drug deal is believed to be taking place. Both incidents are captured on social media. Elsewhere in the city centre, discarded needles or drug wraps litter a side street.

Editor's Viewpoint: Animal charity ensures pet cat leaves a lasting legacy 

It is rarely that a cat can be said to have left a positive legacy. But the fate of Gemini which was turned into biofuel after being knocked down in Londonderry so touched an animal charity that it has forced the authorities here to introduce a new province-wide policy. Any animal killed on the roads in future will be automatically scanned for a microchip so that it can be returned to its owner if desired to permit them to bury it.


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