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MLA deserves plaudits for going public on his cancer 

Speaking out about a cancer diagnosis and prognosis takes a lot of courage and Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson is to be congratulated for revealing his own health problems. He makes several very important points. Firstly, don't delay in seeking medical help if feeling unwell as early diagnosis and treatment is vital. Secondly, our health service, in spite of the problems outlined above, contains hugely skilled staff who work constantly to ease the plight of patients and save lives.

Movember is time for men to look out for their health 

Not every man suits a beard or moustache, as will be evident during this month, but they should be applauded for daring to make facial hair a feature of their life in November. For it is part of the movement aimed at increasing awareness of men's cancers and mental ill-health. Men are notorious for not seeking medical help with either their physical or mental health and this annual campaign is a way of reminding them of the dangers of such an approach.


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