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Editor's Viewpoint: Child's view of world should give us all pause for thought 

Sometimes it takes us to look at the world through the eyes of a child to really see what our priorities are. Ten-year-old Berlyn Woods was moved to help when she saw a young, apparently homeless boy, begging on the street. And, with childish logic at this time of the year, asked Santa to do his bit to give the boy a home. Her concern is in stark contrast to the mad rush at this time of the year to buy presents we don't really need and spending large sums of money to sate a passing longing.

Arlene Foster

Editor's Viewpoint: Caught between preserving Union and avoiding a no-deal catastrophe, unionists find themselves in difficult position 

As the political pressure mounts in the run-up to the crucial Brussels summit tomorrow, two of the major Tory ministers — Philip Hammond and Liam Fox — have visited Northern Ireland, while DUP leader Arlene Foster makes arguably the most important political speech of her career at the party conference in Belfast, which will be attended by Tory Brixiteer-in-chief Boris Johnston.

Ruth Boyle and Matthew Gallagher from Street Soccer NI teams alongside Gerry Armstrong at a farewell reception ahead of their trip to Mexico

Editor's Viewpoint: Tournament gives homeless people hope for the future 

Giving young disadvantaged people, many of them living on the street or sofa surfing with friends, something to aim for is a first crucial step in turning their lives around. The innovative Street Soccer initiative which literally gives them a goal in life is a shining example of how to transform young people's fortunes and chances of progress. And for 18 young men and women, this weekend sees them set off on the trip of a lifetime to Mexico to take part in the Homeless World Cup.

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