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A photographer with a clinical eye for detail

It is the job of a press photographer to put people in the picture, but Charles McQuillan has done this in style with a series of remarkable shots of his own life-saving operation in a local hospital.

He had to undergo a procedure to widen an artery in his heart, and whereas most people could not bear to look at such surgery, Charles McQuillan - who was awake during the operation - was able to record every move through taking pictures by remote control.

Not only that, he took pictures of the entire event from the moment he left for the hospital, then right through the operation and also pictures of his wife texting friends with the good news that everything had gone successfully.

Charles has a passion for photography and also the skill to record his personal story. However he could not have done so without the help of the medical team who realised the importance of his mission.

Many people pass through a landmark in life without realising how important it might be to record such an experience. Others may not have the skill or the resources to do so.

However those like Charles McQuillan, who have an eye for pictures and an awareness of their significance, also possess the rare talent of literally putting people in the picture.

Nevertheless, great initiative and personal courage is required to make such things happen, and Charles McQuillan's peers recognised his outstanding achievement when he was awarded the title of Northern Ireland Press Photographer of the Year.

However, the day after he won his award, he was taking photographs in Bangor Golf Club, and who walks in but the new US Open golf champion Rory McIlroy.

This, of course, was an obvious cue for yet another historic picture for the McQuillan collection. They say that every picture tells a story, and now Charles McQuillan has enough good pictures to last a lifetime.

It seems this man will never put his cameras away, and will always be keeping us in the picture with the very best of his photography.


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