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A storm is brewing, but it's not all bad news

The current headlines are daunting, the weather remains unreliable, and it may be difficult at times to look on the brighter side to life.

For example, the possibility of a double-dip recession looms even larger, and many people are wondering if the politicians can ever provide the leadership to steer the economies of the Western world into safer waters.

In Northern Ireland our politicians are doing what they can to offset the worst of yet more expected cuts, while the young people fortunate enough to win a place at university are all too aware that there is no automatic guarantee of a job once they have completed their degree course.

Almost daily there are stories of murder and of severe assaults on innocent people at home and abroad, as well as the aftermath of the English riots and the continued debate about the severity, or otherwise, of the punishments.

This depressing news on so many fronts is all the more reason why we should try to highlight some of the positive aspects to life in our province. This summer there was continued good news about our golfing heroes, with Darren Clarke following Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell in bringing the third Masters trophy back to Northern Ireland.

The good news continued this week with the announcement that the Australian boxing team will make Belfast its pre-Olympic training base, and hopefully there may be more on this front.

Culturally there is also much to brighten life here. The Belsonic festival is in full swing, and this weekend the excellent Ulster Youth Orchestra is celebrating its 18th anniversary with heavily-booked concerts in Londonderry and Belfast.

Meanwhile the Waterfront Hall will be packed tonight with more than 2,000 people attending the 75th anniversary of the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention.

As usual, the weather could be better, but there is still much to celebrate and enjoy in Northern Ireland. So let's make the very best of it, and create our own good news this weekend, when and where we can.


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